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What is Itavio?

Itavio is an allowance management solution that gives parents peace of mind that their children are playing games that respect parental demands. Through integration of Itavio, developers and publishers can easily increase their opportunities for conversion by accessing the pre-committed revenue allocated py the parents. Rebates due to accidental overspend and negative revues affect the bottom line; Itavio is here to help.

The Itavio SDK is designed to be as easy as possible to integrate with a basic setup completed in minutes.

Account Setup

An account on the Itavio system will need to be created before implementing the SDK. Please see the section below for contact information. We will need a few simple details such as the app store identifiers, game name, etc. We'll have you up and running in no time!

Other SDK Documentation

For more specific information on each platform integration please view the native SDK documentation at the following locations:

Unity SDK Documentation

Android SDK Documentation

Account Setup

Please fill out the Registration Form and we will contact you shortly after with implementation details.


For any issues encountered during implementtation of the plugin please contact us at